Friday, 29 August 2014

Pax Deinde Venit (then came peace)

Story of “Pax Deinde Venit” (then peace came) composed by Dawn Els

It begins the moment the first peace documents were signed.

(I followed the path of history with this composition, believing that especially music itself kept a degree of peace. With this I also remember the values of the music as I imagine it must have been during WWII and therefore covered a few styles/genres with this composition.)

The story I saw in the fog

 In the dark, dead moments of the night the first ray of hope comes.
Is it true, what is this tapping, does it mean…..?

Confusion as some young soldiers wake up, they hear or do they imagine or are they still asleep and dreaming?

It is still vague...
Is this true?
Yes it is true

the war is over!

But, can they be glad
when they are so sad?
Not every mate
lived to celebrate.


They jubilate,
run and play
as little children,
they will be going home!

the soldiers run around,
packing, rejoicing,
stumble and tumble
jumping up and down
falling on the ground.

Back home families are woken by families,
some with hidden radios -
they hear the first surrenders being broadcast.
Mothers stop and start everything they do
quite a few times in a frenzy
before they realize,
then they become silent
in prayers of thanks.
Their sons will be coming home.
And the broadcasts go on
in the voices of all who wake.
And to the hills they all take
to shout their joy,
to pronounce peace arrived.

as some in the world are still sleeping
and others are weeping
under the grey blanket hoping
and not knowing...
they hear
and are not sure,
shells are still flying
and some are crying.

Under a pale moon.

Then music wakes and knows
and begins to play
as she played before
but with added notes of knowing.
A price had been paid.
Now we are free,
and we shall bury
and then we shall dance,
celebrating the lives of
them that will never grow old.

The lonely soldier whose young wife waits for his return,
knows no peace from the agony of his heart that burns,
remembering her.
He sees and hears none for the time
but the memory of her.
And a thousand miles away,
his young wife wails
her sorrows across the waters,
lonely without her man.
As she sings a promise and a prayer,
peace takes flight and reaches them both
and everyone, everywhere.

Then the world wakes up in a flurry of a great noise.
Peace had come.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Save My World

A typical surge of music that happens when I am suddenly overcome with emotions….
It came on a day that I’ve seen just too many photographs of mutilated animal bodies, rhino and elephant, half their faces hacked off for products to serve man’s sick beliefs. And their orphans, lost without their mamas.

Suddenly it was as if the whole animal kingdom begged me to give them a voice…. Memories flooded:-

In the fires I saw fleeing creatures, I was overcome when birds had to abandon their nests with offspring that could not leave, the slow movers that were burnt to death and the emptiness left afterwards.

I saw the dead creatures on the roads where man chases with his vehicles without thinking, careless and arrogant, blaming the creature for not knowing that man’s road is a dangerous place. And I was silent, am I the only one that knows that the little hedgehog will only curl in a bundle on the spot when danger is sensed?

The perversion of man to serve himself with trophies . oh he could kill an animal! Sure, any human can kill an animal, it is easy. But do it rather to serve the purpose of the Creation. Eat when you are hungry.

Man’s thoughtless and inconsequent destruction of the planet, home to all. Typical of those who think it is a good place to develop. Some decades later man wonders what happened to all the wildlife that used to be there.

(And as the dust settled on the open eyes of the dead,
I heard the cry
of astonished creatures that survived and they begged)

Please save us.
We also feel pain
and we don’t want to die.

Save us, please save us, see us, please see us,
we are not here to die
(man, do you hear?)
Save us, please save us, hear us, please hear us,
we want to be happy too

Man you brought disaster to this world
where we live and try to make you happy too.

All homes burnt down in fire
our bones are man’s desire
Please, save us from this death, save our lives, spare us from greed.

I listened and in the distance I heard
only a memory that was left
and it told me
of agony
that once has been
life, a glorious face.

I searched and found only pain
of faceless creatures

I looked and saw nothing but ash,
bones burnt white under the sun.
Skies turned red as the glow
began to grow
man’s greed is a burning fire,
want it all is his desire
consuming an old law
and what will be left
for protection
to protect

The skies turned red as the glow began to grow.

Don’t burn my home
your fire hurts me
kills my babies who cannot fly.
and slow folks cannot get away

Your big machines roll
And what will be left
One day

Save us.
Believe, you’ll hear us, we are here to make you happy too

We try to build
You break down
What will be left
At the end of time…

Save us, please safe us, and you’ll save yourself too.

We all have one Mother,
One home,