Saturday, 3 January 2015

Spirit of the Child

From Petals Vol. 1 (Symphony 2, 5th Movement)

Strolling on singing a song
the strange old road became a happy one.
My spirits and I would never cry,
the strangeness was gone.

The messenger perched on my shoulder…

Oh, I have to listen, I am curious
and suddenly I know this is serious.
Then I hear a familiar voice, one I knew from long ago.
Part of my own spirit which I didn’t want to know.

But seeing her again I don’t regret,
and she tells me the things I rather wanted to forget.

Then she speaks the truth which I know and I have to let go of all the fears I had.

She is not scared and has never been and then her story begins to play and from a distance my soul refrains…

Do you remember that day
- I remember that day
When you were all alone and scared
- I was so afraid that day

But then that great wonder happened
– that was a great wonder
when the trees began to sway and the birds sang with a different voice
- the trees looked alive and strong with all the beautiful birdsong
and you cried out to them…
- Oh, how I cried!

I begin to cry and cry out to the memory I had, which came to me again not even so long ago and the other voices come back, the glorious voices I heard very long, long ago. (Yet when I heard them earlier, I didn’t recognize the role they played all my life)

I sing the memory I had as child with this strong part of my spirit and even though she becomes saddened, I become stronger and comfort her. As I comfort her with all the spirits around us, she cries the painful memory I had when I was a lost little child…

I try to comfort her, yet I begin to cry with her our song of desolation. Then the heavenly trumpets sound and the Angelic voices sing the lullaby of comfort and hope.

Through my tears I behold and see my spirit becoming happy, the spirit of the child finding comfort.

….then I find comfort as I drift into the bliss of this great wonder.

And as the Angels go along, the skies fill with song.

Suddenly I can hear it all.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

He who fed the birds


(Over the plains where I dwell I see the fireworks of the Almighty as He replies to those of man of yesternight yet the birds have taken rest, they know Him and His voice)

The greater noise of Him is my music, my song.
Oh blessed is the Name I call upon.

The greater light He casts is my light
as it vibrates on the paths of the night.

I feel the trembling under my bare feet,
my soul is rising as I meet
each sight, each sound.

Electrified skies as His power runs,
cutting that of man to none.

I breathe the pure air washed by Heaven’s tears,
knowing all yesternight’s fears.


(A crumb in the pocket of he who fed the birds was on my hand today
And that moment, this mighty music began to play
and as I wrote this sound, I found...)

Papa, I miss you. Do you hear my music?



First Revelation, Petals Vol.1, 6th Movement

(I remembered the child I was as the spirit came back to me. I was happy but terribly confused and scared to face the memories that came with and I cried out)

The child’s spirit becomes saddened and I feel the pain. Strength comes from more spirits who know the sad songs and I become lighter, yet tired of carrying the burden again.

The child’s spirit cries and I cry.

Rest my child, take solitude, my Grand Maestro says.

(The Great Voice spoke and all the voices became a force of many that I have to listen to our Grand Maestro)

And as the skies and Earth is filled with every spirit supporting me, I eventually come to rest.