Sunday, 7 August 2016

Story of the Wind and the Water

"The lulling cradle"

When the waters were divided it called the wind along and the whole became a movement which spread to all depths and all heights as one.

The Great Maestro called Earth and she became. A great clump with precious veins of life, sprouting a new growth.

The expanse was filled with lights that ruled days and nights.

The moon was chosen to light the path of waters as it ebbed and flowed, allowing wind to follow.

The soothing became a cradle, receiving Earth’s firstborn.

They filled the waters and the skies.

Song was born….

I perched on the high branches, seeing my new world of beauty, I heard the messages in the wind as it moved over me and I felt the urge to know where she comes from.

As my wings opened I almost fell but wind was there to hold me, aligning me with my path. My feet lifted off my branch when wind raised me and I tumbled into the strangeness of nothing to hold on. But suddenly, a solid stream from wind caught my wings and I became part of the skies.

Above the streams I followed, gliding up high over mountains, seeing wide. Down into valleys I dived, beholding the fragrances and colours.

The silver thread was there, always, with many more. I became one with the wind and our flight made my wings ever stronger as we flew on forever until we reached the great silver pool.

My journey ended and yet began anew. From the highest rock I saw how my beautiful world unfolded. The spring of my lulling cradle from where I was born….

The gliding waters are hauling the wind along and the breeze touches my wings, summoning me to join. I take flight over the glistening crystal, riding on waves of wind. I taste the salty foam as wind plays over the smooth backs of flowing silver.

I see my other siblings as I fly across - I see them in shallow puddles, I see them in the dark blue, some with wings as mine come up into the sky to meet me, and others without wings dive back into the silver pool.

We become as we were formed, forever flowing with water and wind. And as the silver turned gold and then copper, we fly to our new homes on the last rays of a setting sun, while water and wind continues to gently sway our cradle.

The love of LORD GOD is my blue sky.
The birds teach me my freedom….

Listen to part of this composition here
To be continued

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