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PETALS - Poems and Prose

Vol. 1
Symphony No. 2
- composed and arranged by Dawn Els
sound, melody –
what is happening,
what do I hear
what comes to my ear
these echoes
reaching into my soul,
my heart repeats,
and it beats
stronger and stronger
I am shaking,
by gentle touch
a love that loved me
is now embracing me.
Oh my heart
do take flight
I’ll follow…..

There is no noise,
it is the voice
calling from long, long ago.
“Follow, follow the path,
I was with you all the time.
Find me, find me again
Love me again as I have loved you
And still do.
I never betrayed you,
my spirit has been with you
Come, come love me again
let us play together,
run and fly together
roam our beautiful world.
You know me, follow, follow your heart
come to me soon,
I showed you where to start.
Let us be one again.

My heart is beating,
my legs go lame
can this be true
that my love had never forsaken me,
my true love loved me always
and guided me here?

I remembered my lover’s caress
and seeked it again one day
from a distance only.
My lover is beautiful but could I
do justice to this beauty,
can the world see with my eyes?
I painted my lover to the world
and the world saw and accepted
my beautiful lover.

Aah, how I hear you now my sweet love
do you hear my heart beating
see my feet dancing with joy?
My spirits rejoice with me,
we take flight on our song,
on the four winds we loosen ourselves,
become naked,
stripped of the chains
and the moon blushes
when she sees my wild soul.
Your echoes have reached me
confronted me, captured me.
I am yours and you are mine.
I hear you, oh voice in my soul,
I run on the rhythm in my heart.
A melody of love has risen again
where you always existed
now I can see far again.
my reason for life
now understood
in the completeness
of my existence.
I grow on your strength
You are my world
Your respect is my space
You freed me.

We meet again my sweet,
how I loved you always.
I’ll stay with you forever
as long as the Grand Maestro
allows it in this world.
And after harvest time
we shall sing on forever
our praise, our song.

Little rays break through
and lights begin to shine
beams run across the valley
my spirit flies up into the sky

to see

I see it, I run after it…..
oh what is this call I hear
I can feel it
so very near.


I don’t know this
it has a strange sound
that moves up into the sky
and back to the ground.

There it is!

there it rolls and glides with its tail caught
it is so pretty when it moves
and I shall go a little closer
and hope it won’t get loose.

It saw me!

It turns around
this millipede, this funny thing
stares at me a long time
and suddenly begins to sing.

I am not scared now

I cup my ears and listen
It is a beautiful song I know.
More voices chip in
and then I also follow.

I loosen the millipede’s tail.

We dance and and sing
not knowing the time of day
circling around in the fields.
Oh! Up with the shields!

A grumpy thing!

“You are not allowed to pass
until you can say my name”
this bloop says to me.
I think it is a game.

Bloop sings with a big voice

I repeat exactly what he says
and even in the second round I win
I run into a third, even before bloop
better than bloop and tease him.

Oops, Bloop has an army!

My eyes are big, my ears wide open
but I like the song, I know the song
and sing it happily to the end
and after that I carry on.

Millipede sits on my tongue

My spirits sing with me
and we begin to dance
and is does not take long
before Bloop and army is in a trance

Their voices cannot stop now

They all begin to sing with
and their grumpiness disappear
and what ya know, just guess
whose voice we suddenly hear…..


Dear trusted hippo my big funny spirit
drops by to show off his big voice
and when Bloop hears this
he finally makes his choice.

We all laugh now and are happy

Millipede sits on Hippo’s tongue
and we all have a jolly good time
as we run, dance and sing
together, a very old rhyme…..


I stop and see a multitude of laughing faces
of old friends from long, long ago
they lured me here to this place
with the big wide window.

I see far, I hear the drums!

The march is on, I am going back,
back to my kingdom, my world.

Going back, I am going back
I’ll ride the winds of change
until I am back.

I go wild, I grow strong.
All my spirits
are singing my song.

I am going back.

Earth gives my legs movement
my eyes open to see far.
There is a long forgotten kingdom
buried under sands of time.

As the winds of change begin to blow
I see my castle in a golden glow,
a sacred place I know…..
I’m going back,
I don’t need to pack
for what I have is mine and it is me,
oh, I’m going back
to the majestic land where I once lived

My little spirits join me and we dance together
leaving behind only more distance
as we head on to the portal.

I go wild, I grow strong,
we all now sing my song
as we march along
triumphantly on the pleasures
of going back

I walk strong, I run at times
but I never stop
voices cover me with velvet
I am not cold.

My soul echoes with me
Going back, I’m going back.

Over the waters
I heard the wind cry
Don’t let your love die.
(This child must not die)

There is no love for her
the heart is black and filled with hate
Turn around away from there
before it is too late

Make haste, run away
and conceal your feelings/
It will never be answered/
None will ever know the meaning.

I turned back to empty
and could not cry.
The wind then created a storm
that could not die.

It raged with sorrow
of a child’s love
and sadness started pouring
From the skies above.

Dawn Els (AUTHOR)
More poems might be added to this post during time.
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